Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mr. RoadRunner

Mr. Roadrunner pays a visit.

It seems to like leftover cornbread dressing crumbs real well.


  1. I was thinking about your housing situation and you mentioned building an 8 x 8 structure. That is not a bad idea since you could build it in modular sections at the RV park and haul it onsite for quick assembly. Later you could use it as a shed and I bet it could be built for cheap. Maybe you could just integrate it into your permanent house.

  2. Ain't hear bout this 8X8 shack till now. Ya ain't gonna be plan'n to live in it are ya??? If'n ya had a dog, he would have a nice dog house, but a man can't live in something that small....even for a week. A small TT (travel trailer) like what ya liv'n in now would be too.
    Nice shot of the roadrunner.

  3. Here's what I'm thinking. (Not always a good thing for me) anyway... If I can catch a ride to Odessa after the 1st I could spend a few days rounding up the material to build an 8x8 and prefab it to an extent there. I don't think the woman that owns this RV park would allow me to be doing any building around here. I could also get a 10% discount if I bought the material from Lowe's in Odessa because my niece works there. Once I got that done rent a moving truck and clean out the storage there and bring the stuff I have there down here and put it in a storage here. That would save me $59 on storage for next month which I could apply toward the truck rental. I'd also bring the trike back to so I'll have a backup mode of transportation in case I needed it.

    Scavenger, I'm also thinking along the lines of modular building and that would work for me. Say a module a month or at least every couple of months and within a few months I'd have a nice sized pad. Since its only 4 or 5 inches to rock I could dig down to it and use concrete to make level pads to build on and that should solve any problems with the modules settling and pulling apart.

    BB, John's pad is only 8x16 and within 2 months I should be able to have an 8x16. I'm sure it would have me talking to myself after the first month, but I'd be outside more than in except when I was sleeping so it could be done.

    I've drawn up some plans and done a material cost and I could build an 8x8 for less than the rent I'm paying for the space rental here.

  4. The 8 x 8 modular unit is a good place to start with for a number of reasons. To start with 8ft width is the size of a truck camper so its easy to transport and even to move by hand when necessary. If you build (4) of them you now have some serious space if you need. Of course I would go with a roof like the field lab on such a structure.

    As for living in a small structure it all comes down to lifestyle. The small building is really nothing more than a bedroom and everything else can be done outside under tents or tarps mounted to the main structure. This size would suit me as I am usually working on something outdoors with weather permitting or if I have a shelter to work. As Americans we have some how fell in love with the concept of the bigger the better as opposed to "if I need more space I'll build it!" The only thing I would need a bigger space for is if I were to have some female company and there are motels for that ;)

  5. Doing the modular thing would get me back on track with what I wanted to do to start with. Instead of building two 12x16s and putting a car port between them I could make that 2 8x8s on each side with a car port between them. Needless to say the smaller the living area the less would be needed to heat or cool it. I'd eventually have a car port to hang out in and work in and still have room for guest when I had them.

  6. Never seen a road runner in it's real form. Looks smaller than the cartoon.

    Have a happy new year mate. I'll tell you what Jan 1st 2010 is like since I'm a few hours into the future from where you sit. LOL. Have a good one, hope your 2010 is brilliant and you get everything you wanted to get done, done.


  7. 2 rooms with a carport sounds good! happy new year!

  8. pipsqueek, that roadrunner seemed to be right at home around people. It came up to within 4 or 5 feet of me and I followed it around to get tthose pictures. I'd sure like to watch one kill a rattlesnake. I understand they do and then eat them.

    OGT, actually it should eventually be 4 rooms and a car port, but could be 6 rooms and a car port since I think the car ports are about 24 feet long. (3 8x8s on each side of it) Just a matter of time I guess.

    Hope both of you, the followers and readers have a Happy New Year to. This RV park sounds like its already ramping up for new years though. Some how I don't think I'll have to go far to go to a party for new years eve. By the time 10:00 pm comes around New Years Eve people probably won't know I don't belong at any of the parties. Maybe I can just move from one to the other and have a good old time.

  9. You talking about digging down to rock base to pour a foundation raises a question. Pouring a foundation means a permanent structure, and I think even where you are, they will require a permit, that means inspections and codes to follow.

    Now if you build on skids then it's portable and no permit required.

  10. Haven't heard anything about that. My understanding is that there are no restrictions? Nothing is really permanent anyway. (as all of the old ruins around here can attest to.) Sounds like the time to talk to Just Me again. I wasn't talking about pouring a foundation though. Just adding level plates to build on. No fastening a building to a slab. If I just build on skids on the ground then more than likely rain and time would allow settling and for modular building that could be a disaster.


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