Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ain't Happen'in


Didn't get much done today other than clean up the storage room some and load up a bunch of my hardware to bring over here. I'd intended to clean out the back storage in here and haul a lot of it to the storage room, but never got that done because of being too tired and ache after cleaning up there and loading the trailer. I didn't even get all of the stuff unloaded here so will have to get the rest of that off the trailer in the morning before I can load it with the stuff here that I want to take to storage. I did manage to change out the plug on my welder extension cord to  match the generator, but how anyone can get a 140 AMP welder on a 4800 watt generator to work is beyond me unless its a wire welder. My 1/8 inch rods just kept tripping the generator barker when I tried to strike an arc (even at 40 AMPs and that's as low as my welder will go. The generator is a 6250 Watt surge with 5000 continuous. I may have to try and round up some 1/16th inch rods and run it at 40 AMPs, but I like 1/8 inch rods @ 90 AMPs to add plenty of meat to the welds and get heavy penetration. Oh well... In the meant time it looks like the charger (start of the Transformer) is going to have to be a bolt together affair. I think I can pull that off. I may have to resort to a cheap wire welder, but I don't like wire welders!

The pictures for today or a fly by of a B-1 bomber on a training mission. They usually fly much closer as well  as B-52s. They generally fly very low and raise all kinds of hell (noise wise) when they do. I was already in bed last night and had to have been around midnight when one flew really close. (First time I've heard one at night) Rumor has it that there is a house in the area that has Air Force painted on it and it has a beacon that the planes use to direct them to their fake target. Supposedly a ranch just east of here.

The second one is today's sunset from my back yard.


  1. Really enjoy your blog would love to be there.
    I have 5 acres there but haven't been able to get out there hope to sometime this year.
    Again good luck.

  2. hmmmmm wherehouse 13.......

  3. Sherry, Come on down when the wind isn't blowing 70 miles per hour and dust on everything. The good days make the bad ones worth it though!

    OGT, I saw a few little green men scampering off then the bombers went over. They couldn't mistake me for a non earth alien though because was brown from all the the dust on me.

  4. Another great post, Dave.

    Sherry, if you're interested in unloading that five acres of yours, let me know. You can usually find me lurking about on the comments section of this blog, or the field lab blog.


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