Friday, January 1, 2010

WiFi Booster

Since the internet has been so bad around here lately I decided to build a WiFi booster which is made out of cardboard covered with aluminum foil. Basically all it is is a home made Microwave dish. Unfortunately it isn't the WiFi causing the slow internet it is the internet connection its self. However, the monstrosity I built does wonders for the WiFi speed and when the internet is working right (like very early morning when few people or online) it really speeds it up.  I've always had to walk down near the cafe with the laptop on to get connected and then bring it back or otherwise it couldn't find a signal. Then the speed and connection was pretty slow. Now it finds the signal sitting right hear with a high strength. and instead of a speed of around 11 Mbps it usually connects from 36 to 54 Mbps. How it works is by magnifying the microwave signal and focusing it toward the WiFi antenna in the computer and then when the computer is responding the same thing happens again for the WiFi server. Now IF the internet ever gets back up to par around here this connection should fly! Of course if space is a problem then this is not a good thing, but one could be built where you could store it when you didn't want to be on the internet.

I plan to try and come up with an old satellite dish. (You know... the old HUGE ones) when I can and expiroment with it on the land. This principal also works for cell phones so if I could find a weak cell phone signal on the land then I should be able to point the dish in the direction of the signal. Stand in front of it and use the cell phone with a good signal. Should be good for many more miles.


  1. I wonder if you could bring liver and onions with you when you stand in front of the dish and you could have good reception and cook your dinner at the same time?

    Happy new year!

  2. OGT, you're paranoid.;) Hope it turns out to be a Happy & Productive New Year for all of us.

    This place is thinning out and the internet improves a little more as it does. I guess there were so many RVs and people in the Inn using computers that the server couldn't keep up?

    On another note the 15 batteries are supposed to be delivered out to the land today so I'll start bringing about 4 back here daily, doctoring them and charging them I'll take them back out there the following day and bring 4 more back to do the same. I'm reasonably sure out of the 15 I should get 8 to 10 that will come around and make good batteries. Once I get started I'll post how to do it and how many are responding. (will be usable)

  3. BTW... OGT, I just tried to go to your Blog and got the message it wasn't there? Have you dumped another one?

  4. And another Got Ya got me! While I was headed to the rental place to pay up the rent for the container I noticed steam coming out from under the hood again. I beat it back here and raised the hood and the top radiator hose has busted. No such animal to be had around here. (probably 80 miles to Alpine would be the closest chance of finding one) Its close enough to the clamp that I may be able to cut out the bad spot and stretch it enough to clamp it back on, but then I'll be worried to drive it far.

    Also while putting the registration on I noticed that the inspection sticker is out of date. Let me see... Need to fix the exhaust leak and probably replace the two front tires because the ones on it probably won't pass inspection. Hope this isn't an indicator of my New Year to come!

  5. Good luck with all your projects, with getting the car up to snuff, and your wi-fi connection. Hope the new year brings you good fortune and happiness.

  6. Its like getting all your chores out of the way at once, then you can play. Have a great new year!

    And I am keeping my orignal blog, I accidently deleted my other one.

  7. Cut the hose off behind the bad spot and just had enough hose to reconnect it. That will get me out of a pinch anyway and maybe it will hold up long enough for me to make a run to Alpine to get another one and pick up what I need for the move in project. Made another trip over to pay the container rent and was successful this time. Best part of that is no more payments for 3 months now so that should give me time to save for other things I need. I rode out to the land with the woman I bought the batteries from and now have the 15 batteries inside the container. I'll probably head out that way tomorrow to bring a few back here and start doctoring them. I'd do it out there, but it requires a way to heat distilled water and electricity to run a charger. Also takes a good bit of sloshing the solution around in the batteries after putting it in. Of course I'll have some spare antifreeze/water mix and a roll of duct tape in case the hose springs another leak on the way or back here.

  8. Well it sounds like you will be keeping busy now with some of your resources falling into place. I look forward to seeing your power/battery situation unfold as well as more satillite experiments. It's is great to see the container out there! So what kind of restrictions do they have for building in the area?

  9. I was looking at the inspection sticker from the inside and it looked like it was out of date by several months, but when I looked at it from the outside this afternoon its actually good for the next 8 months. Gives me plenty of time for new tires and some more work on the bird.

    Mr Road Runner showed up again so I may start throwing some of the dressing crumbs out when I see it and have my own mascot before long.

    What more could I ask for? A falcon and a roadrunner.

  10. Scavenger,
    there are NO building restrictions in the area for owner-built structures. The statewide laws for inspections apply to contractor-built structures. Septic system installations only require inspection if the property is under 10 acres. Big Bend Telephone has requirements that vary from year to year for phone service installation. Rio Grande Electric has requirements for grid connection. State and Federal regulations apply but seem to be rarely enforced. Frequent county-imposed burn bans, but they don't apply to enclosed fires (get a burn barrel and screen top for your paper trash and a chiminea or wood stove for other fires).

    glad to hear you've got the temp fix on the radiator hose and the inspection sticker will last a while. recommend you call Alpine to see if they've got a radiator hose before you make a special trip. Autozone and NAPA. If they don't have it, either can probably order one in before you drive up there.

    Roadrunners are naturally carnivores - eating insects, lizards, rodents, snakes, baby quail, etc. The ones at my place will gladly help devour any meat scraps.

  11. Thanks for clearing up the restrictions or maybe lack of restrictions around here Just Me. That wasn't the first time the question had been asked.

    As for the hose? Using the stock hose wouldn't be the best way to go anymore (although I THINK the one on it was), but I'm not sure. When We installed the 5.0 liter mustang engine in it the water pump discharge was on the other side from the stock 289 so I had to use two flex hoses on the bottom with a short piece of exhaust pipe to splice them together. The manifold inlet on the top stuck further up instead of straight out also. I can't remember if I searched hoses in the auto parts store back then or did get a stock one, but it never fit quiet right which ever it was. Now on the new radiator the top outlet moved to a little different location so now my best bet would be to try and find a different hose that would fit better. I may go to the garage here Monday and see if they might have such a hose. (provided they want to go to the trouble to see). If not then I guess when I get the chance to head for Alpine to get lumber and such I'll see what I can find there.

  12. Thanks for the info on the building restrictions. I remember reading something similar in an earlier post about "free to build" but since I live in "The Peoples Replublic Of Wisconsin", "free to build" means your "free to build what your told". If you live in certain areas YOU MUST build similar to your neighbors tax value in size. On my families property in rural central Wisconsin it is becoming just as bad. Our 1.5 acre of land is worth about $8,000 an acre only because they NEED the tax money!

    Good luck with the Falcon; I actually prefer the 289 engine myself but own a 1974 302 sitting in a an old pickup needing a rebuild.

  13. I would like to add that on properties smaller than 10 acres, an appoved composting toilet and a grey water system that doesnt pool can bypass the septice stystem requirement.
    There are some ways to get around the requirements for septic and grey water system approval. Having a chemical toilet on site with a reciept showing that you dumped it at an approved site along with your kitchen sink water. Some people dont like these legal loopholes but they are legal and there.

  14. I'm thinking maybe eventually a septic tank only with indoor plumbing that only gets used when guests are around. Shouldn't have to be emptied very often like that. I'd use the Viet Nam era method.

  15. vietnam method? scare em s$%^tless? sorry couldnt resist.


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