Sunday, January 10, 2010

The BBS / Classifieds

I like this logo better.

Southwest Texas Classifieds


  1. I don't see nothing wrong with that. Can't beat the sunset.

  2. Well it's 43 here and 55 there. Bet you got the inside closed in! Is the time stamp need fixin here? I did this at 5:11pm.

  3. I've been out at the land all day and although it was pretty chilly out it was nice and warm inside. The sun hitting the top and south side do a fine job of heating it. I did find a problem this afternoon before I left though and that is that the sun hitting the top and south side with the other side and bottom being cooler cause the container to warp a little. The front door wouldn't close because of it. Nothing a sanding wheel on the drill won't take care of though. The bottom of the door looked like the frame needs about 5/32nds taken off of it to get it to close.

    I decided to give the inverter another go by turning the fan motor in the falcon on manually, but those fan motors pull high amps and drug the electrical system down enough that the inverter kept kicking out again. I got less than about a foot cut in to another sheet of siding before I gave up on that.

    About all I really got done as moving stuff around in the container to see how to handle the back part of the build, sealing off more and adding more insulation. That and clearing out a place for this trailer which will be out there for a few days before it goes back to Odessa. I'll actually have some help out there for a few days besides a generator.

    Tigger, I don''t have any control over the time stamp. I haven't paid any attention to it. Now for get it or I'll send you a bottle of that red stuff! ;)

    pipsqueek, I figured that would represent this area better then a remake of the old ford parts logo.

  4. Oh No!!!! I don’t need to be hugging no commode. I was fooling with a Blog spot and noticed a time zone setting inside “format” within the “settings” category. Please don’t even think about even shipping that red stuff to me!!
    As time goes by you’ll see little things that you will slowly tweak and make it a pretty cool place to hang out. It will sure be nice when you get power out there. Maybe Santa can get you a set of those battery powered saws and drills. I never saw much need for them until now. You have shown me their value.
    How is the container setting? Will you get direct sun inside?. You are not going to keep the trailer? Seems to me like that would be a handy thing to keep around. If you could secure it, maybe pull a wheel and but a chain on it. That thing is better than a PU truck. Do you still have a move date? Be Safe.

  5. Nice LOGO! Have you seen Terlingua Moon before? I think its a local paper in the BBEND AREA. They have classifieds in there too.

  6. I'd visited the Terlingua Moon blog, but not the site. Problem with Blogs though is people wanting to post pictures of what they want to sell can't do it. They can on the classifieds I'm setting up. I didn't know about the sell or barter deals already setup though, but it looks like the same problem exists there. Also there is a chat forum setup on the one that I setup where everyone would be able to post their pictures along with the chatter. That's one thing I don't like about blogs, but I think they are setup like that for a reason.

    Well I need to head for the land so I'm out of here for the day.

  7. cool, pictures is good!


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