Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a Rig!

 Picture of my latest eX neighbors rig. The small trailer on the back contains a Harley. He was in Viet Nam for 2 years starting the year after I came back. Great guy from Louisiana and after I told him about the bike rally here he plans to try and make it back for that. I told him how to get to"my place to be" so hope to see them out there then.

My plans for today is to beat it to Alpine Early and pickup the material to start building. Hopefully I can at least get a good start before the CRAPPY COLD WEATHER gets here tomorrow? I'll try to post pictures of anything I may be able to get done tonight.


  1. I agree, that's an awesome rig!

    Can't wait to see what you're gonna build.

    Good luck on your trip, and stay warm!

  2. Hey that looks like Bob and Shannons rig from fresno.


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