Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Got Lights?

"Things are getting better. Things are getting better all the time." Excuse the quote from the Movie "The Postman", but they really are. The past two days haven't been that great because of high wind and sand storms though! I now have internet inside, but the small plastic mixing bowl I used for the dish is too small so the connection isn't that great. (Its just temporary folks! I'll come up with better!)  The phone is more or less a prop now. Guess it makes me feel better. ;) It may be at least 90 days before I get DSL and a real phone here. If we get a real good day around here without the high wind and sand then I plan to start the build on the alternator/generator to keep the batteries charged. I'll be setting it up where I can turn it in to my transformer later. (ATV/Battery Charger) Made a trip in to Study Butte today and took a shower and got gas and a few other things. If they had a bath for $2 instead I might have thought I was living in the wild west of the 1800s. I didn't find a saloon with dancing girls there either though. DANG IT! Hopefully I won't have to go back that way for a while. While I was on the way I stopped at the storage and rummaged through my hardware and then got what else I needed at the hardware store in town to add a light in here. Sure makes it nice to walk in the door, flip a switch and have real light. Of course I'll only use it when I really need it, but found a small florescent in my junk and its perched on top of the laptop screen so I can easily see to type now.

Oh... BTW... The bubble wrap over a single pain or even dual pain window does wonders for added insulation. Lets the light in, but it does hamper the view so when I have the window open or want to see out then I tack it up.


  1. YEP-- Sure looks like you had a good day! That light lit up on the wall looks like the Cat's Meow for sure. Now dont' you go to shooten that Cyotie, you never know he might be your new guard dog!! What a deal. I feel good seeing you make progress. I't will all happen one day at a time.

  2. Boy howdy, now that one hell of an it!!!
    Ya get'n that place look'n pretty spiffy. Can't wait to get down there and check it out first hand.
    But by that time you will probably be liv'n is a newly constructed two story condo complete with palm trees, a swim pool and little red flamingos in the yard.

  3. sounds like we have a script for a movie"Dances with Coyotes"

  4. Love the "Red-Neck Microwave Dish". Sounds like you're getting it together one piece at a time. Good luck with the next project.

  5. Do you play any instruments? guitar? How about cowboy poetry? Yes, Id love to see a video of Davids Cowboy poetry.:D


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