Friday, January 15, 2010

Well Maybe Tomorrow!

The trailer will be here until in the morning and then it should be moved out to the land. We made a SLOW trip to Alpine this morning because of maybe 200 feet of visibility at times.  (FOG) I found a USB WiFi key at ALCO, a 15 foot USB extension cable at another place and a large plastic bowl to use as the dish. Got back here after stopping at the land and putting up most of the other siding and will finish that tomorrow. Also did a few other odds and ins before coming back here. I built the dish, but could not get the lousy WiFi key to find any network around here so no chance of it working out there. Guess I'll keep trying. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to more or less finish up the cabin so I'll be able to live there after the trailer leaves. I'll have heat from a turkey cooker burner and propane tank and have a carbon monoxide alarm so should be safe doing that. Until I can get some sort of working dish the gizmo I built the other day will be the only way to go online or make calls via the cell phone from there.


  1. sounds like you're moving along nicely, eh? btw - i have found a few of my smaller dishes that i mentioned to you over on your other site. one is the usual dtv 18 incher (it has the short pole and mount on it, but not the tripod), and it has lots of cable attached. the 2nd is a dish-tv dish that we took off of our country house that jeri's son left behind when he moved out last summer. the 3rd is the rv rooftop dome motorized (belt drive) unit, but it's a dinky little dish thingy inside. don't know how it even works, and i paid about $200 for it shipped from fleabay - hey, it looked like a deal at the time! roflmao! of course the feds would likely think you were up to no good or something drug related if they saw it on a 'fixed' cabin, especially something that looked like a tardis (good reason not to paint your mini-suite/box/chalet blue!). i still haven't gone by my ex's to claim my 3 meter dish, which is complete and bolted to a concrete slab. she's not been very talkative with me lately. i might just go over when she's not there and pull it out, as it's mine, and i paid for the damned house anyway. her new hubby said something to my kids about giving it to one of his buddies. nice guy.
    anyway, still looking for my hughes data rv dome thingie i mentioned to you the other day. i'll update as i uncover the vast treasures that were my former life. i'm sure you can relate...
    btw - about how many miles are you from alpine, measured on the highway? i've got some web bike buddies just off 118.
    jack b :-)

  2. I got a real strong WiFi signal when I was looking at some land across the street from your property. I'm surprised you can't get it at your place but maybe it isn't turned on all the time.

    I was hoping that I would be able to stop by and say hello while you working on your place but it was raining and I had to start heading back home.

  3. Well, Dave, you're stepping off into another chapter, now. Good luck with it all. I know you'll be busy for the next little bit, getting things set up, and all, but, post when you can so's we don't worry about you.

  4. How are your hand and wrist doing? Hope you're feeling better after the tumble you took. Take care.

  5. Its refreshing to see the good ole american pioneer spirit in you Dave! This country was built by folks like you , with know how and Ummph. It wasnt until later that the rich folks came out, they waited for the stores and trains to be in place. Its amazing what we human beings can accomplish even with very little. Don't listen to the nay sayers, you inspire us all.


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