Sunday, January 24, 2010

High wind again & Charger. (Not much Sand)

Welp... another brick wall. It wasn't just the tank filter that was stopped up the carb float valve was to. Neither of those were the real problem though. I cleaned the tank filter and the carb to and got the motor running like a top. Problem now is that the large pulley on the motor is too large and to keep the motor from stalling out I have to run the RPMs higher than I'd like to. That isn't the real problem either though. What the problem is that the pulley on the alternator is for a serpentine belt and the pulley on the motor is for a V-belt. With the motor revved so high when I connect the alternator to the batteries it puts such a load on the high revving alternator that it smokes the belt. I hadn't anticipated that. What I need is a V-belt pulley for the alternator and I have one, but I don't have a socket big enough to fit the nut on the alternator to take the serpentine pulley off and replace it with the larger V-belt pulley. Until I can get a socket to let me do that and a new belt then I'm SOL.

As for the wind... It was plenty cool out there this morning so I didn't do anything this morning besides make coffee and stay inside as much as I could. Made a trip to Study Butte yesterday and got the propane tank filld so I didn't freeze last night. When I did get out to finish up the charger I did as much as I could in front of the Iron Dungeon to block the wind and then grinned and bared it when I had to work on the side.


  1. It's good that you know enough about that stuff to see exactly what the real problem is. Just finding out what you need is real progress. I know you'll get that pulley situation straightened out soon.
    From reading your blog for a while now, it seems to me that you really need some good tools, automotive, and wood working. I assume you had most of that stuff at one time, back in Plano, and it's probably either in storage, or you lost most of it in the divorce. Stuff happens, I know. I'm sure you'll make steady progress, one way or another, 'cuz you're very resourceful. Good luck.

  2. I had to leave a lot of stuff in Plano because there wasn't enough room in the truck to haul it. One of the things was a roll out tool box with a few tools left in it. Probably the socket I need to. I'll see what I can find around here because I want to get that puppy working as soon as I can. The 12 amp charger hooked to the generator doesn't charge the batteries fast enough and running the falcon for 15 minutes at a time takes too much gas.


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