Saturday, January 2, 2010

Battery Doctor

Spent the afternoon out at the land working over some of the batteries and taking measurements to see how to go about building the insert. I think I have that about figured out. Ran in to a snag on some of the batteries though because I hadn't notices that 5 of them are 8 volt instead of 6. That means two different systems because my wind generator is just 12 volt. Hopefully at least 3 of the 8 volt batteries will be usable to make a 24 volt system out of. The other 10 are 6 volts so I'll have a higher margin for having bad batteries and still come out with a decent 12 volt system. I can probably get more of either kind if I need them though. I left the 8 volt batteries there because I doctored them with the hot solution I took out there in an ice chest. I don't know why it was after I'd used all of the solution on them that I snapped to the fact they were 8 volt. Duah! Anyway I brought 4 of the 6 volts back here and will make a run to the Study Butte store tomorrow to see if they have any Epsom salt. I think I pretty well cleaned out the Cotton Patch of that already. Will be a real bummer if I can't find anymore around here! Even if I were only able to get 4 of the 6 volts working it would put me over the 800 AMP Hour Big Bend Telephone requires to get DSL.

I was standing in front of the container when a car drove up out front and a voice said Are you from Plano? I said yep so a couple of my neighbors Bill and Jacky pulled in and we had a good visit. Then my other neighbors from  down the road (Robert, his wife and daughter) were driving by so I flagged them over and they introduced them selves to Bill and Jacky. We had a hell of a neighbor visit going there until it started getting dark and cold so the party broke up.

I love the land there as rocky as it is, but the neighbors are great to.


  1. All the battery stuff is a little over my head but I am glad you will be able to draw from them what you need to get DSL.

    There is nothing like good neighbors glad you found some...see things are looking up for you.

  2. MsB, I'm past the point of no return now so that's a little unsettling, but I think I can have a livable place by the deadline. If not I'll be sleeping in a tent inside the container. ;)

  3. Oh Oh....did I hear ya say 4 6 volt batteries are gonna give ya 800 amp hours at 12 volts??? Well it would if'n ya was gonna have a 6 volt system, but I know ya ain't. When ya hook up two 6 volt 200 amp hour batteries in series, the voltage doubles, but the amp hours remain the same (200 amp hours @ 12 volts). Would take 8 batteries, 4 sets of 2 to make an 800 amp hour battery bank. But shoot, you already knew that....right???
    Good luck with the rejuvenate'n.

  4. Nupe... Guess I was assumin, but if I do 2 sets of 2 batteries as you say and they are working and then do two more sets like that, but they ain't working (look like they're connected, but ain't) then I figure that should pass. How are they going to know? The battery in the falcon now died about 6 months ago and I did the same thing to it. Been working like a new one ever since. I've got a few members that have done the same with the same results. If a plate isn't totally fried the battery should be a good candidate. I hope to get at least 8 good batteries out of the deal. If not then I'll try the old bluff.

  5. Good luck with the batteries. Two different systems sounds a little technical, but, I guess you're up to it. Nice trick rejuvinating the batteries.

    Great to hear about the good neighbors. Friendly, helpful people nearby is always a plus.

    Good luck with the next phaze.

  6. Hot Dam! Better be glad your south. It is colder than sin here and gonna get colder.

  7. Its supposed to get here Thursday. I've got the wagon hitched up and ready to roll to Alpine early in the morning and get some lumber and a few other things. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in time to make a showing at the land. (With very few tools and as of yet no power.) Not sure how that's going to work out, but I'll be using an inverter running off the battery in the falcon and hope it will be enough.


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