Friday, January 22, 2010

Charger and high wind again! (Sand to)

Worked in the high wind and sand storm all day, but I look forward to better days. I wanted to get the charger done and since the genny won't run the welder I built it as a bolt together, (see picture). I got it finished out side of wiring it up and getting the Harley gas tank mounted for it to run off of. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow and be able to charge the batteries from it rather than the falcon like I've done for the last three days. Only takes 15 minutes with the falcon, but that's a pretty good waste of gas, Should take about the same time with the charger for a lot less gas and I can doctor and start working on the other 6 batteries after that.

Looks like it may be another COLD night in here tonight  because the propane take is nearly empty, but I didn't want to make the trip to Study Butte to get the tank filled. I'll tough it out until early morning and use the remaining propane to warm the place up before getting up. Glad I have plenty of cover!


  1. Your like tim taylor the tool man arent ya? puttin a harley motor in your

    Stay warm Id like to see how u rigged that thing up.

  2. So what are the specs for this generator thing? How big of alternator(AMPS)? What is the motor hp? etc...

  3. HE, HE, HE, you done it again. There you go. Don't even let the welder not working slow ya down. Those 1/16" inch rods work pretty good. I used them a lot. The best results I had was when I cut them in 1/2 and turned down the welder. Seems like full lenth they would be hard to start your arc with and get to hot before you get to the end. But when I cut them in 1/2 they would not get so hot and I still got good penetration. Worked prett good for me. Glad to see you won't get so many idle miles on the Falcon. That sure wasn't to fuel effecent.
    I see yall talking about the wind down there. So I guess you better get that Wind mill online pretty soon. Be even cheeper than that charger you got. But you better keep that charger handy for them windless days too. Sounds like your going to need some pretty good guides and dead men-er down though.
    I'll bet your cabin will stay pretty cozy up till you get ready to hit the hay. Then just jump under them covers and you'll be fine. Rest good.

  4. Bout charg'n them batteries.....ya ain't gonna do it with no alternator and a Harley. That alternator thingy gonna have to run 4 hours or more just to get to 80% and ya know....they need to be charged to 100% at least once a week. Never let your batteries go under 12.20 volts (50%)...will kill 'em dead.

  5. OGT, I hear Tim Taylor has a busy head like me, but I'm a good bit older and always had one so I have him beat.

    Scavenger, 12 HP 130 AMP alt. and it will do the trick. That 12 amp crap sucks.

    Tigger You've known me for many hears and and you know I'll deal with it.

    BB, you didn't have much faith in the batteries coming around from the dead either, but they did. Let me worry about them and you worry yours your $200 Eah?

  6. Weren't try'n to cause a ruckus, but I rekon I did.
    I had all the faith in the world ya would bring them batteries's done every day. Sorry ya took my comment as an weren't meant to be.
    Now how bout break'n out the coffee pot and have us some coffee.

  7. What size of wheel on the generator 10" ? Very cool setup, always wanted to try that one out myself since I have several small engines lying around.

  8. The wind and maybe rain has the internet connection less than desirable. Mail goes in and out (some times after several tries to send), but getting on the net is another story. I just got through tweaking the dish some and hopefully that will help. I sure need a bigger and more permanent mounted dish though! I may have to resort to my first one occasionally to be able to do much. Guess I'll see how this works now.

    Sorry I took your comment wrong BB.

    Scavenger, the wheel is a 10 inch and its also cast iron so I don't want to run real high RPMs with it. I'd rather had an aluminum one, but I had two of those so decided to make use of one of them. I couldn't get the old torque converter off so had to dodge it. Just made that by about a half inch.

    Now... Lets see if I can get this to post.

    As for the charger... Turns out that the dead gas left in the tank had clogged the internal filter and I couldn't get gas to the carb. I was hoping the damn wind would give a break so I could clean the filter and carb. I have it wired up and ready to go otherwise. The wind just won't cooperate though. I'll take the tank off and try to do what I need in front of the Iron Dungeon to block some of the wind. Its also down right COLD in it.

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