Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Fun Fun / Pepper & Local News

My member and I went to the legion to watch the Cobras come in. It turns out that the Sheriff really did shut down 118 for them to race on, but it was only about a 17 mile strip starting at the hill where the two roadside trash barrels and the legion was the stop at the other end. The fastest car there was the Ford GTX1 and it got up to 200 miles per hour.
 Ok Guys! You're supposed to be looking at the car not the lady!

The Ford GTX1

Shelby Cobra (Kit Car)
The Falcon with the GTX1 in the background.
Cobra Mustangs in the Legion parking lot.

Only a few on this blog know who Sunny is, but this is her dad posing with his Linclon with some of the Cobra owners. I think he is liking it. Note he is sandwiched between two good looking women.
Lots of Cobra Mustangs.

I couldn't stand letting the Cobra owners get all of the limelight so... I pulled out on 118 and did a burnout with the falcon. When  I returned I expected the cobra owners to be looking at me like I had two heads, but... I received a standing ovation instead.

I was sitting in the It'll Du this morning when a black nose stuck around the edge of the It'll Du flap door and it startled me at first, but when I opened the flap there stood Pepper. I enjoyed her visit for a while and then two Harleys stopped on the highway and one rider got off to take pictures of the arrowhead and bow sign on 118 coming up to the dungeon. Pepper's head raised up and she headed that way. I assume she thought it was Dale, Rhonda and Jean and decided since she was visiting she would visit them to? Anyway I called her back, fed and wattered her and took her back where she belongs.

Oh ! and the new Steakhouse in Study Butte burned to the ground night before last. I don't think it had ever been opened?


  1. great pics, t ! Looks like a good time. Good to see your little pal in the last pic, too. How far are you from her new home?

  2. Yea David, great pictures and story. Glad you got the standing ovation. Carefull now, them tires cost a lot of money$$$.

    A nice event, and it was great that they did shut down the 118. I don't suppose that it needed to be shut down for very long, with those fast cars running all out. Wish I were there.

  3. Andy, It was real good to see Pepper again, but I was planing on taking a big bag of food over there tomorrow so would have seen her then. I guess she didn't want to wait though? Its probably around 3 miles to there from here, but as the crow flies or pepper walks I guess it would be more like a mile and a half.

    DD, just a little advertising for my site I guess. I won't be abusing the falcon or tires again anytime soon.

  4. Wish I had been there...would have given you a standing ovation as well.

    Looks like our favorite area is becoming a mecca for all kinds of events, don't know if that is good or bad :-(

  5. Tffnguy

    You had a hell of a weekend. That was cool, burning out in the Falcon. All I did was mow the lawn, and use bleach and water to clean off the mildew that was growing on my front porch of my house. Things never dry out down here in Corpus Christi. I go through a gallon of bleach a week:(

  6. It sure does look like a good time was had by all. That sure sounds suspicious about the steak house burning up after never opening. Dwight and maybe Ashley and I may have a quick trip out that way as their leathers are in storage there. We'll have to see what Ashley's work schedule looks like to see if she'll be able to make it. Is there anything you can think of we could bring you? It was good to see Pepper, and nice of her to come for a visit. lol

  7. whats under the hood in the Falcon? I'm guessing a 289?

  8. Wow, how did u handle all that excitement? in stride I bet!

    wish Id have been there.

    I think the steakhouse was thinking of something else when they advertised blackend steak.

  9. Ms B, thanks. As far as being good this area needs all the help it can get as far as stuff like that goes. Sure helps the economy down here (which is really hurting right now) It sure didn't hurt the legion either.

    Captain, I think everyone had a great time including myself and Rick (My member) That bleach job sure doesn't sound like fun.

    Dale, maybe new back tires? ;) just kidding. Will be good to see you'll again.

    Andy, the car came with a 289, but it now has a 5.0 HO roller motor out of a Mustang GT. It hooks it up pretty good and I have outrun later model Mustang GTs because its quiet a bit lighter and has absolutely no power anything or AC.

    Nick, I think you would have had fun also.

  10. Well am glad you told us you did a burn out....I thought you blew the engine racing Cobras!

  11. Got an email from JustMe saying that Buddy Crawford's wife Millie died last Saturday. Not all of you know him or know of him, but he runs a couple of popular Yahoo groups for Terlingua.

    Buddy, I'm extremely saddened to hear about that.

  12. Frann, could you send me an email at tffnguy AT
    Same for Abby, Bigfoot or Littlefoot, the desert rose, and for that matter anyone that was at the brunch. Other plans coming up. I lost all of my email addresses in the harddrive crash. :(


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