Monday, October 18, 2010

TLBM or (Techno Land Border Marker)

Well I had to call them something didn't I?
Got the 4th corner marker put up when it was cool this morning. (Too cool for the rattle bugs to be out) I had to go through some heavy brush to get to it and didn't feel like playing hop scotch because of snakes. Note the super high tech corner markers! ;) There is one on all four corners now. You can't see the markers from here at the trailer and you sure can't from one marker to the other, but I hope with the solar lights at night they can be seen. Even at that a person would have to walk down the hill on the road to see two of them. It should give a perspective of just how big 10 acres is. Well its bigger than five or one isn't it???

And on another note and as a Brit might say:

Ye gads man! A snake in the It'll Du!
Well it was just a little one and non poisonous one.I wasn't in a position to do much about it so I just watched it. (Very carefully) I guess you could say it helped me do what I went in there for. ;)

Not to worry ladies. By the time the party gets here they will all be under ground somewhere else.


  1. Nice markers. With all those lights down there at night don't you think an airplane will think it is a landing strip? Or those snooping helicopters?

  2. DD, I'm trying to attract UFOs. I keep hearing they are down here.

  3. David it just gives me the creeps everytime I hear about snakes. I would not know a poisonous one from a non-poisonous:-(

    What a good idea to place a solar lights to mark your property lines.

  4. Hey David, put a few more lights up and advertise as "AREA 52". Bring in the tourist $.

  5. MsB, I'm going to give the It'll Du a new makeover and do my best to make it snake proof. ;)

    dennis, I think John Wells already has that sewn up. I'd have to call it Area 53 or the TFFN Ranch. I may use the later and stack a bunch of rocks up in the shape of a TFFN logo so it can be seen from space. Should get some Aliens down here then.

  6. Oh, boy, Aliens from Outer Space (not over the border!), there goes the neighborhood!


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