Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Its on its way. DSL and phone that is. Why it will be Jan 6th when it gets installed is beyone me since the cable will probably be across the road from me by tomorrow? This morning I saw a BBT vehicle drive in front of this place. It went down the hill a ways and then backed up in to my driveway. I thought Ah... this is it where the engineer comes out and finds some reason not to install it. That didn't happen and he pulled back out in the road and headed toward the legion.

Later I saw the truck with the ditching machine pulling in to the legion parking lot so I went to investigate. Yep... They were about to start trenching up this way.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hoping you get dsl service sooner than expected. Maybe they read your blog and don't want any more bad press??

  2. Excellent signs of progress. You might get a surprise and get service sooner than they promised. Good pics. That is some almost new equipment they have - they must be making some money out there!
    Good luck with all.
    The wife and I will be arriving in your area next Thursday morning, November 4. We'll drop by for a visit, if it's all right. Let me know if you need anything from town - we're stopping at the grocery store in Alpine on the way in. e-mail me if you want:

  3. Don't know DD, but they sure are screwing up a good road. Hope they fix it when they're finished!

    Allen, you'll feel free to stop by. I hope to be stocked up by the 4th and not needing anything and be good for about a week of staying off of 118 and not going south for that length of time.

  4. 10-4 on that, and I certainly understand why. It's fixin' to be open season on drivers for the local constabulary.

  5. Tffnguy, you can set up a fancy webcam facing the highway during the chili cookoff and law enforcement convention.
    You can call it the "chilicopcam".

  6. How far from 118 did they have to go?

  7. Allen, I'm afraid you are right.

    captaincrunch, Probably won't have the DSL by then for the heat to monitor potential victims through the Internet. ;)

    lou, they're coming straight down the road in front of the dungeon instead of coming off of 118. Its 600 feet from 118 to here and 1/4 mile from the legion to here.


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