Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Will I or Won't I?

Get a phone and DSL that is! Big Bend Telephone is real bad about nit picking their way out of installing DSL and phones on the ranch. We'll see how this goes next Tuesday when one of their people comes out to check the power requirements and determine whether they will install it or not. If so then it could take up to 90 days to get it in.

I say they nit pick and I'll see if they pull that on me or not. After all I have 600 watts of solar, 500 watts of wind power, 800 AMP hours of batteries, the 130 AMP gas charger, a 5500 watt generator and a 1700 watt inverter. I know that the requirements for batteries is 800 AMP hours and the inverter is 1500 watts, but have never heard what the requirements are for keeping the batteries charged. For you who plan to move down here off grid I'll give updates on this as I get them so you can see what you may have to go through to get a phone and DSL. Most people just settle for a satellite phone and satellite Internet if they even have Internet.

The worst part of all of this is that they actually give you a phone number and email address as soon as you call in to order it, but that doesn't necessarily mean you will get it. I personally know three people who this has happened to and they were turned down later when the guy came out to check the requirements. From what I hear it is a real common thing.

And in other news:
You may remember a few threads back that my cousin Paula has cancer and her hubby left her after finding a out about the cancer, They are now just giving her two weeks to live and that was several days ago. She is going down fast and doesn't think she will make the two weeks. 

Pepper is back 
Thursday Oct. 7th. Pepper decided to pay me another visit. I fed and watered her and took her back, but there was no one there and since she is missing a collar I didn't have a way to tie her up. She chased me for about a mile before I picked her back up and brought her back here. I guess I'll take her back later.


  1. If ieverything goes right i should be down there Friday eve not sure on time but will let you know call me if you get a chance. We talked to Paula she does not sound good at all, she is really going down fast hope she does not have to suffer much longer

  2. Good luck with the phone company! Please do keep us posted on what they say. Sorry to hear about Paula :(

  3. Hope you get it. I still can not believe that out in the desert you can get DSL and in Del Rio which is supposed to be a city we can not.

    I am sorry to hear about Paula.

  4. We can't even get internet 25kms out of Sydney. Well, I can... my brother in law can't. And you guys can get it out there. Amazing.

  5. Abby, I'll probably update the blog next Tuesday after I find out what the decision will be.

    MsB, they are actually putting in FIOS down here. Probably won't be setting up for it for a good while, but at least they were already doing it right where they won't have to redo it later. Of course that may be a problem where the old systems.

    Yep it is amazing Pip.

    Just updated this thread because Pepper is here AGAIN! :(

  6. Sorry about your cousin...
    Pepper is one smart puppy!

  7. Frann, she will be leaving behind two kids which really makes it bad.

    Pepper... She is still a BRAT! The woman came and got her and she sure didn't act like she wanted to go. I have a feeling she will be a regular visitor. ;)

  8. Very sorry to hear about your cousin Paula. So sad her husband left her when her and the kids probably needed him the most. I used to have a fair weathered friend husband like that, too.

    Pepper doesn't leave home for no reason...she must like you :o)

  9. how u holding up? bad news about paula..

  10. ezrablu, If I had my way about it he would be the one with cancer instead of her, but of course I didn't have that choice.

    As for Pepper I think you must be right. Both times she has sure seemed glad to see me.

    Nick, I'm hanging in there as usual.

  11. I'm real sorry to hear about Paula. There's a lot of that nasty disease going around. I've lost a number of friends to it, as well as my father, and another close friend seems dangerously close to packing it due to it. Good luck to her, and to you.
    I think Pepper has made a decision as to where she wants to live, and it's with you. As mis-matched as y'all are, she seems to like it there with you better. Or, maybe she just likes to visit. Time will tell. Hope she don't tear up anything else on one of her visits.


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