Tuesday, July 5, 2011

07/04/11 Parade

Dan and Gypsy Jess picking up candy along the road.

Frann on her scooter. Beat out of the winnings by the canoes going down the road.
Note the Budweiser 4th of July addition cans being dragged along. What we have here is a seriously crazy woman. ;)
Your Tax dollars at work.

The following are Sunni and her dad Chris (Owner of the Cow Head Ranch). They did this last year on a higher hill further to the east, but had a blowout on the horse trailer and missed the parade yesterday. They did this at the hill next to the EMS complex where all of the festivities were going on after the parade. Pretty cool even though they weren't on a much higher and narrower hill this time.

My first ever car was a 57 Ford Fairlane 500 pretty muck like the one below, but it was a hardtop instead. Mine was coco brown and cream in the same paint scheme with a coco top. Boy do I wish I still had that car!!! Of course there are a lot of other cars I wish I still had though, but the 57 was my all time favorite.

I failed to catch the legion vehicle going by because I got distracted by other things going on.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun was had all round :-)

  2. Dani, last years parade got stormed on. I wouldn't have minded if that had happened this year to. It was just clear and hot though.

  3. It was a great parade. I think Frann was robbed, but that canoe was pretty awesome.

  4. She took the loss like a real trooper, but I think she should have won something even if it wasn't the big prize.

  5. Tffnguy

    You should have painted the Jeep the same as the falcon. Then had someone drive the Jeep and you drive the Falcon (twins)

    Tffnguy, I saw on that side of the BP truck that the BP is hiring. You should apply. The work looks easy, they just sit around and watch people all day (you do that for free at the legion)

    You would be known as Tffnbpguy! (a joke) I know how you feel about being harassed for no reason, I feel the same.

  6. CC, the reason I posted that was because I figured since we all already work for the government why not get a free company pickup and unlimited gas out of it. Have you applied yet?

  7. The pup, you know the one, we were going to call him David Junior. He is humping his sisters and they, you know what they are I assume, haven't even dropped yet! He was also trying to crawl into Jickys shirt!! I was calling him Cisco but may have to go back to the original name!!!

  8. Thanks for posting all those pictures for those of us who were not there. It looks like everyone had a good time. I really liked that duce and a half.

  9. Frann, get him fixed quick and call him Franswa.

    DD, I think the duce & 1/2 won one of the prizes.


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