Saturday, July 30, 2011

Remnants of Don

Sure looks like we should get some rain out of this, but there is only a 50% chance predicted for now. Was 60% yesterday.

Remnants of Don shown from outside. I can see occasional lightning to the south. Its fairly windy now, but not too hot for a change and the wind feels pretty good.

Got the rain gauge Dave gave me put up last night so IF we get any decent amount of rain I should know how much. (at least for right here)


  1. Tffnguy

    Donn was a DUD!!!

    We did not get a damn drop in my part of South Texas. The Texas heat and dryness sucked the storm dry.

    Im thinking about going to Terlingua just to see some rain. (did I just say that, Terlingua has more rain than most parts of Texas)

    I hope you guys enjoy it.

  2. CC, got a real fast 2/10th+ in a few minutes so far. I suspect there will be more. Looked like 9 points really got nailed because you couldn't even see it. It sure feels good here now, but I'm sure when this goes by it will be hot and muggy as hell.

  3. The captain is right about you getting more rain than most of the state... are you feeling special now? I wish I could come out that way again soon, but it looks like I am headed to a different desert in a couple of weeks. Was offered a job in Abu Dhabi and I fly out on the 11th of August. Hope to stay in touch with you, Frann, Jicky and all the other interesting folks around there until I return for a visit.... and to look at more land, still want to build a place there.

  4. Cindy, sounds like that could be a dangerous job. Take care.

    As for feeling special? Nope just feel grateful and lucky for getting the final tally of 4/10th inch. Don was still a disappointment though.

  5. Cindy should have a very interesting time..I do like my desert better though. I got about.2" of rain..dust is settled and it smells wonderful. There will be lot's of scattered rain in the late afternoon for the next few days , I believe, as there is so much humidity in the area.

  6. Frann, according to the 5 day forecast all rain has been taken out now. Of course that doesn't mean there won't be any though. Last time I checked the humidity was 80+% so it will likely be a hot muggy day.

    The lousy water I've been using in the swamp cooler finally got to it so I'm either going to be without the use of it or take it out and try to clean it up enough where I can start using it again. More than likely that is going to be my today's project.


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