Monday, July 11, 2011

Land Flop / Road

Just checked and notice that Frann had updated her blog with some pictures taken yesterday so I guess you can check her blog for other details. On the search for the land we found where the road to Desert Rose's land should start from the Long Draw creek bed and I think we found it, but it was totally grown over so no chance of getting there. I guess I should have checked the GPS coordinates before we walked from the jeep because we couldn't go any further in it. Turned out after a considerable walk I checked and found we had gone too far. Backtracking I finally got back to the jeep and found it was parked nearly in front of where the old road was. Like a dummy I didn't take many pictures and the camera was screwing up for some reason so there are only a couple of the trip.
The old Whore House can be seen in this picture, but the terrain to it is so rough that I think it would take a helicopter to get to it. I guess that pretty well shoots the photo opp in the rear.

We paid a visit to John Wells at the Field Lab and he and Desert Rose met for the first time. He gave us a tour of the new Wells Lake and we visited a while before going on to check on Nick's progress. The container Nick was renting has been turned back in and is keeping my old Dungeon and another container company just off the Terlingua Ranch Road.

When we got there Nick was nowhere to be found so we just took a picture or two. Looks like more vandalism to me. ;) Weird what can be done with computer graphics isn't it? :)
On the way back from the Field Lab we ran across these.

Now for the road... I heard the sound of heavy machenry earlier this morning and looked out to see a dump truck drive by. Then heard more noise to the north and noticed a grader coming down my road. My first thought was OH HELL! because the road had finally gotten packed again after the rain so no more dust.
A short time later the grader pulled up in my driveway and the driver got out and introduced himself as Dennis Nance. He siad he had been building oilfield roads for years and was now working for the TR to try and get the roads in the shape they should be in. He said he plans to crown the roads (Which they should have been done long ago) and hopes to get them straightened up. One good thing they did on my road was to haul a load of graven in and fill in the bad area on the way here. Bad part is that now part of the road is powder again, but hopefully we will get more rain before long and maybe the road will be good again after that.
He cut reliefs back in to the side of the road for dranage that had been screwed up when BBT ran my phone/DSL line in here.
TR had better watch it or I may start having something good to say about them for a change. ;) At least they now have someone doing the road work that cares about the roads and knows what he is doing. Hopefully TR will be wise enough to keep him!!! So... If you see someone grading your road now before you start shooting talk to the driver. He's a good guy and out to make your road better and not worse.


  1. Congrats on the road work and you may get some rain today as it is sure cloudy down here.

  2. tffn - Mebbe Dennis should try and grade the Desert Rose's road...

    Sure sounds like she could do with a bit of mechanical assistance - if she's ever to make it to and from her place on a daily basis... :-)

  3. Yep Frann, its pretty cloudy here to. Hope all of us get some rain!!! Had a good time yesterday.

    Dani, DR's land isn't on the Terlingua Ranch so it would be on her to pay to have the road done. Even at that it would constantly be washing out in heavy rains so I think she has decided that she might as well look for other land. I'll let her or Frann post what the cure for all of this might be.

  4. Hello, all... Here is an update on the puppies...

    The majority have been moved down south now, to Bobbie Russell and her Critter Rescue program. Anyone wanting a dog will have to contact her now. There are still a few stragglers left behind, as they were wandering the desert when Jack came to round up the dogs. Hopefully I will be able to round up the others tomorrow. Bobbie has arrange with the local vet to fix the dogs, and get them their shots. When she will start seeking adoptions, I do not know yet.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me spread the word.


  5. tffn, did he do all the roads in our area, or just yours? Wondered if Legion Rd up to my driveway got done. Wasn't horrible, but could be better :)

    David S: Good to hear the puppies are moved and their future looks brighter. Good Karma on you for taking care of them until help was found.

  6. Abby, I think at this time it looks like they are looking for bad spots in this area and fixing them. I made a loop around here today and they have fixed a couple of bad spots that I've seen so far. Both on my road, but looks like they are working others to. I'll try to drive by yours tomorrow to see if the road is better and your land is still there. ;)

  7. Tffnguy

    That rocks that TR got a good road guy. If TR keeps up that good work, I just may have to buy some land out there.

    I wish I owned that old whorehouse (Dont Laugh) I could have a road cut out to it and fix it up as an old style saloon (Maybe I employ some women to wear the 19th century styled sexy clothes as waitresses and bartenders (I think that would kill the Legion for sure) All the old guys would hang out at my place.

  8. CC, All you need is a few good women. (For waitresses and Bartenders that is) Of course if you can't get the people there you are screwed.

  9. Thanks Abby. If I could afford it, I would foster all of them, they are great pups. Unfortunately, I am not in a great situation right now, and I would rather see the pups go to someone who can really care for them. I will miss seeing them in the morning. I pull up, and they all jump in my driver's side window trying to get some affection. They are so cute.

  10. You would have to import the whores from somewhere.

  11. Bud Kid, there's a website for that. ;)


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