Friday, July 29, 2011



Looks like Don may make it here so probably more to come tomorrow. This rain has just turned in to sprinkles after about 20 minutes of slow rain.


  1. So happy for you.

    Wonderful, life giving, pure water :) Gotta love it!

  2. You can handle it. It has been raining here now for two weeks. My car won't start because of the wet, the interior is one big pile of mold and under the hood it looks like it just went through a flood. The steering wheel is the big round grey blob. The roof of my bus has new leaks but thankfully not over the bed, computer or stove so it's cool. One of my outside awnings collapsed because of the water so it's probably history. I'd go look at it but it's raining moderately hard now with plenty of thunder.
    What we are getting now is the spin off of "Don".
    I never say it can't get worse because I've been proven wrong so many times.
    At least it is cool without running the AC, squishy wet inside and out, but cool.

  3. Donn's going to hit just south of me. I wish it would hit my area dead on, we need the rain.


    I hope you guys get a mess of rain off of Donn. You guys really, really need it.

  4. None here today. I think our best chance is Sat. nite...I will be going to raft down the Rio Grande tomorrow so hope the rain holds off. WILL PICK UP LUMBER ECT LATER IN THE DAY.

  5. Dani, Rain will be fine if it isn't too much too fast.

    Oldfool, sounds like you are getting the too much too fast.

    CC, haven't checked on the where abouts of Don since this morning. Guess I need to check it. I've got a new rain gauge thanks to Dave at the legion and guess I'll brave the darkness after I post this and get it put up just in case.

    Nick, maybe tomorrow? Took Frann and Denese to Alpine this morning and ran in to some pretty heavy rain on the way.

    Frann, See you'll in the morning. Hope it doesn't rain too early.


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