Friday, July 15, 2011

Lighting / Shade / Pictures / Video Links

Finally got around to adding some permanent lighting in the It'll Du. The two lights light it up like a ballpark.

Finally found a good use for the shade tarp Bigfoot gave me last year. It lets the fridge hut breath and shades it to. Between that and my  blocking off a lot of the inside of the fridge with 1 inch of foam it at least acts like an ice box now. It freezes ice (although not much of it) and keeps cold drinks pretty cold. Not much room for anything else in there besides about 8 cold drinks. I'd taken the foam off of the outside of the hut a good while back because all that did was trap all the heat inside the hut.

Took some pictures of a lot of dead desert plants around here yesterday, but decided not to post them. Some of the yuccas that were bearing flowers and fruit last year look like they are really dead now. :( So does a lot of other type plants.

Just killed a small conenose that was trying to chew on my arm.

Music Videos. I was listening to my Zune last night and going to these links as the songs randomly came up on the Zune. Keep in mind a lot of the songs were ones I had put on for my granddaughters and my eX, but I just leave them on there and a lot of times it really depresses me.

I wish it would rain

Out or reach

Time after time

Blue collar man

Fooled around and fell in love


Ride my seesaw

I can't stop loving you

Precious and few

5 oclock world

This magic moment

Sea of love

What ever my love

My baby done wrote me a letter

Everybody hurts

Just when I needed you most


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  2. Light in the It'll Du will certainly come in handy LOL

    The pictures tantalizingly show impending storms - I wish them your way... Desert plants are hardier than you think - they may be OK with an eventual bit of water.

  3. rj, I nuked that thread, but just added the links to the bottom of this one.

    Yes Dani, now I'm up town on the out facilities. ;)

    I hope the plants will come back but they look like some that died some years back now.

  4. Oh yeah Dani, there were storms to the west, north and think east last night. Just not here.

  5. Clouds were real cool , even at night.

    Looks like you have been working on yer place a little bit... good lookin shade.

  6. PS. got an approved composting toilet the other day. No worries about , the poop patrol now. The tank u wanted is sittin out there waitn for u to pick it up.

  7. I took the rest of the shade tarp and stretched it over part of the old can trailer so that's my shade until the sun gets far enough to the west for me to sit in the shade by this trailer.

    I'll try to get by there and pick up the tank before long. I may go to alpine tomorrow to help Tom unload his pickup since they're moving there.

    BTW I have that thumb drive full of stuff for you.

  8. Tffnguy

    Just out of curiousity, do you know who owns the old Terlingua Whorehouse and the land around it?

    I was thinking, that maybe, just maybe at a future date I could purchase the land and house and restore the adobe structure to make one neat off the grid house. I can just imagine the jokes I would get:)

  9. CC, I don't have a clue who owns it or how to find out. Problem would be getting to it if you owned it. Like I said it might take a helicopter to get to it. Of course the minors didn't have helicopters so I figure they used horses, mules or donkeys to get there. If they were really hard up and didn't have a mount then they probably walked in. ;)

  10. I am sure the new lights will help you keep your seat if something slithers across your foot. Glad to see the shade cloth being used, no such thing as to much shade!

  11. Well at least I should see it slithering in, but I doubt that it would help me keep my seat. If that happened I hope I miss the poop hole when I jump up on the seat!

  12. There is a advantage security wise to being lock up there at the whorehouse. I like the idea of using cactus, rock, snakes and rough terrain to keep out bandits, IRS agents,and census takers out. (gotta keep out the Jehovnah Witnesses too)
    I would have to create a "hidden trail" through the back of the hills behind the whorehouse so you, John, Frann and the others can come get free beer.

  13. The ladies will certainly thank you for the lights in the facilities :)

    I bet the full moon looks fabulous out your way. Three more moons and I will be Terlingua bound...

  14. CC, I'm sure the IRS can afford a helicopter so good luck there. Don't know about the rest.

    MsB, I did it for the ladies. ;)

    Yes the moon has been awesome. I started to take a picture of it just rising last night, but waited too long.


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