Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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I'm with Frann on the burn ban and something needs to be done to give us some relief down here. Alpine has trash service or a way to dispose of trash, but we don't. There was a place in Terlingua for three weeks ends where we could take our trash and put it in dumpsters, but that has been stopped. Worst part for us in this area is that it was 25 miles away from here. I was sick for the first couple of weekends it was there and didn't feel like making it and when I did on the third weekend all the dumpsters were already full. (I got there fairly early in the morning)  A woman there pointed to a mound of trash toward the back of the property and said I could dump it there, BUT there were quiet a few people there rummaging through the trash looking for treasure and considering I had some personal info in my trash I decided against dropping it off for people to rummage through. Of course that was after driving 25 miles to dump it and wasting the gas for the 50 mile round trip.

With this said the commissioner for this area needs to come up with something permanent or lift the damn burn ban on burning trash! This crap has gone on long enough! My storage tank is getting full of trash! Perhaps help both the people south of here by keeping dumpsters there and a couple up this way to so we don't have to drive 50 miles to get rid of trash!

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I really don't want to build out of trash so rather than do the above maybe the county commissioner can use it?


  1. tffn - How horrible. Do you have a rodent problem also?

  2. Our trash is just as good (or bad) as North County's. A regular once a month pickup for our area would keep the trash out of the desert.

    I don't think I want to live in a house built of trash.

  3. Even our recycle here in South County is a privately run entity. Who has taken the summer off! I see people sneaking their trash into the dumpsters at the post office and the stores and I am sure that is a ticket if you get caught.

  4. for $35 per month I know of a dumpster close to the grub shack u can use.

  5. Dani, no its too trashy even for rodents. ;)

    Denese, I agree.

    Frann, I asked down south at one time about paying to dump a couple of bags in dumpsters down there and the answer was NO!

    Nick, They are going up on taxes down here so why have to pay extra to dump trash. For $35 a month I could send all of my trash to the county commissioner's home by UPS or USPS cheaper. Anyone have her home address?

    Perhaps everyone that reads this blog could mail her one piece of trash. I could even ask all of my club's members to do that. All 5,110 of them. That should make a statement! ;)

  6. I would keep the old trash stored Tffnguy untill they provide a way to pick up the trash and take it up north.

    Now I know a lot people are gonna give me hell for saying this, but I would burn small amounts of new trash between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM (on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wensdays, no Fridays, or weekends) in your burn barrel right next to your trailer facing away from HWY 118.
    I would burn it when there's no moon and and wind, on bare dirt with a ready supply of water. Just burn a few handfuls at a time. After your done burning it, pour some water in the burn barrel. Make sure you have what we called "cold iron" in the Navy.

    I also would not update the blog while up at this time, somebody may put two and two togather and rat you out and call the Sheriffs Dept. Stealth is the Key...

    Desperate times call for unconventional solutions. (we did a lot of that in the military too)

    I would just focus on burning the trash of the day and save what you have stored. Maybe on the way up north you can drop off several ripe bags at the border patrol checkpoint. X-Ray This!

  7. Nope, not burning anything I'd rather someone else get some good out of it. ;)

  8. I would get a dumpster petition going and send it to your commissioner.

    You guys pay taxes just like the folks in North County but for some reason the have always treated the people in South County like red headed step children!!!

  9. Tffnguy

    Maybe you can get with Fran and a bunch of others and organize a "Trash Flotilla" to the county commissioners office's up north.

    Contact local media, take video footage of the event and raise awareness through "polite civil disobedience"

    take all your garbage up there and Im willing to bet out 20 bucks the border patrol will just wave you guys right on through.

    You pay taxes, let them know your garbage is piling up (use thier dumpsters)

  10. MsB, as scattered out as people are here it would be real hard to get enough signatures on a petition to do any good.

    CC, what media? No TV or radio stations within a couple of hundred miles of here and few have televisions to see it even it it were aired.

    Looks like blogs are about the best we can do. I just hope the right people see it.

  11. dumpsters? we done need no skinking dumpsters....

  12. It sounds like what you want is trash disposal for free. Alpine owns the dump and contracts for pickup. Alpine residents pay $29.19/month to the city (not the county), which you don't. Brewster County residents who live outside Alpine city limits pay $32.59/month for a permit to dump in a city dumpster. That's about what Nick told you it would cost to share a dumpster nearby. But you seem to want someone (the County?) to provide a dumpster that you can dump in for free. A benefit which nobody else in the County enjoys.

  13. No what I want them to do is lift the idiotic BURN BAN or supply dumpsters to deal with not being able to burn trash until they do. Most of my trash is crap junk mail delivered by the postal service and out side of that it isn't worth paying big bucks for the small amount of trash one person makes. (maybe two kitchen sized garbage bags a month.) That is totally unfair one person paying the same as a family of 4 or more to start with. More damn subsidies I guess?

    And while we're at the subject of the burn ban I'd like to know how in the hell a propane grill or even a charcoal BBQ pit is going to start a fire? That part of the burn ban is totally ridiculous.

  14. Oh! BTW I would pay a trash fee if it were by the pound or cost per bag (if the fee was reasonable.)

  15. Somebody with a trailer needs to start a business picking up bags for $20 a month and transporting them to the nearest dump.

  16. In one of the counties in South Texas you will find large dumpsters every five miles or so rural residents can dump whenever they want too.

    Gee, simple solutions to simple problems. You would think somebody in Brewster County would figure that out.

    I used to work at a small college alternative rock and roll radio station. If I had a mess of money, I would start an AM (Radio Free Terligua) station for South County residents and have shows like Alex Jone's Infowars and other cool stuff.

  17. Alex Jones is Da Man.!!!

    And there once was a pirate station in Terlingua, but they played a song with one cussword in it...and someone complained...the FEDs showed up and shut down the station permanently.!!!



  18. You can listen to Alex Jones online.

  19. Can you mash it up to occupy the smallest amount of space and then drop it off at the city dump in Alpine once a month or so on a regular trip? If the volume is small they shouldn't charge very much. I think people generate too much trash because they don't pay attention to packaging when they buy stuff.

  20. From what I hear its $35 to dump no matter how little or $35 a month for a dumpster permit. (In Alpine) I think a private dumpster down here costs about $140 a month when all is said and done. I won't rent one and try to get others to pay me to do it and I won't pay someone else $35 to use their's.


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