Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mejo NO Like Me! / Abby

Ran an errand for Frann to pickup some hose from Fred & Mario's place and along the way I saw this.
A small red Racer. I say small (Maybe 4 feet long, but I've seen them about twice that long).

Meet Mejo the young bull. While I was at Fred's to get the hose for Frann Mejo decided he didn't like me. I managed to get out and go with Fred to get the hose, but when we got back near the jeep his head lowered and he started to charge. I managed to open the jeep door and jump in and he stopped. Fred said "He's a good boy and he likes to play." Well about that time Mejo acted like he was going to charge Fred. I think Fred got a little excited himself and backed off rather quickly and Mejo turned back toward me and the Jeep. Fortunately he didn't decide to charge the jeep and both Fred and I made our escape from there in one piece. I guess it could have been the roll of RED hose I was carrying? I hear bulls don't like red. FRANN! you nearly got me killed! ;)

Below are pictures taken of the road to Abby's land and of her land.
Need a bumper? Found this at one of the cross roads on the way to Abby's land. I don't know if its someone's way of marking a rout to their land or just someone trying to start a dump ground. People do stuff like that to help them find their land though. I've seen toilets and other junk like that used. I guess anything handy will work?

I don't remember there being a road going north beside Abby's land before and this looks like a fairly new cut so she may have another road to face her cabin on? She probably lost a little land to the road also if it is a new road.

Looking at Abby's land from the corner
Looking South West from the corner.
On the new road looking south beside her property.

The Legion Road looking East up the hill from Abby's land. They have graded the road to just down the hill heading west and widened it as Dennis told me he was planning on doing to all the roads. However, from that point back to Abby's land it hasn't been graded recently, but the road is in good enough shape. Don't know if he plans to widen it back toward the west or not?


  1. tffn - Now - you are the type of neighbour anyone would want. What a terrific help you have been - not only to Abby, but to Denese and Frann too :)

    Yes, I know they help you too - but heck - I think you're terrific ;)

    As for Mejo - he needs the dog whisperer to teach him some manners - would love to see that...LOL

  2. Its cloudy, muggy and I'm hearing thunder from the west and the east. Looks like its raining in both of those directions. Sure hope it rains here because the freshly graded road sure could use it! It looks like it could rain here at any time. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us! ;)

  3. Dani, I don't think the dog whisperer would have much luck with Mejo. He might need his pack to protect him! ;)

  4. tffn - did you know that you're 7 hours behind us in SA? 8.16pm here now.

    Yeah - reckon Cesar Millan and his pack could sort out Mejo!

  5. Dani, I can just imagine Cesar being up a tree and his pack being kicked and chased all over the place. ;) believe it or not there are some trees around the dried up pond there, but I was too far from the trees to climb one myself.

  6. Started raining at about 1:35 PM and still is at 1:51 :)

  7. David, thanks for checking out the road! Looks more like a road now than a wagon trail, hehe. I think ya went a bit too far up the road, though - sent you an email with a map and a picture. I owe you some beers ;)

    Mejo looks a little big to be "playful." Bad bull.

  8. I got NO RAIN! It ha sbeen 10 months and 10 days for me!! Thanks for getting the hose for me.

  9. Abby, you're more welcome to come down and check out your our own land. best I could do from my memory.

    Frann, it rained off and on, but no big amount.

  10. Huh. Sent it to your tffnguy gmail address. Is that one no longer valid?

  11. Found it. I had a flood of email yesterday evening and missed it some how. The road should have been widened at least most of the way to your land.


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