Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grub Shack update / Stores or Not?

I talked to Jerry at the legion a couple of days ago and asked about the GS. He said they are still trying to cut through the bureaucratic BS, but he thinks they will be open again within the next two weeks. Sure hope so and so does most of the other people out here (other than maybe a few of the big TR supporters)

On another note I talked to the guy that Nick, Dave and myself heard say they were going to build a store almost directly across from my place on 118 the other day. He said that some time back, but now he says that was a rumor? I wonder who started it??? I didn't!

I also talked to the guy that was thinking about putting in a store across from the GS and he said they are still thinking about it, but after all the BS the GS has been going through they are having second thoughts. I'm hoping that once the GS reopens he will decide to go ahead and build the store, but that's yet to be seen.


  1. I hope you get a store soon I can't imagine a 50 mile round trip to get a loaf of bread. I am looking forward to the Grub Shack opening too. Try the chili dog there!

  2. Frann, I like the breakfast sandwiches and burgers a lot. I have tried a few other things, but not a chili dog yet.

  3. tffnguy, I always try to be as objective as possible. I bought property on the Terlingua Ranch because I wanted maintained road access to my property, and of course, because of the location. Does that make me a "big TR supporter"? What does that even mean? I'm all for the GS being open as long as it doesn't serve as the meeting house for TR bashing. Even then it's a free country (well kind of). The concern expressed by some that I have given a fair hearing to is that GS is becoming iconic with TR bashing, and giving outsiders the wrong impression. It has been expressed on some local blogs I have visited that some GS "patrons" have bragged about discouraging people not from their own box mentality away from the GS. I think we could all do a bit more to lift up what is good rather than pull down what we all share into the dirt. Thanks for allowing my two-bits worth.

  4. I support some aspects of the ranch ( after all its what I am paying for) Also I support the GS, I love jerry and Eva. Jerry and Eva dont bash the ranch and they do eat at the Ranch Restaurant. Hope they get the GRUB SHACK up and running soon!

  5. Well Jake, you must have finally snapped to the fact that I removed the link to your blog from my blog list yesterday. Does that chap your posterior a little? It appeared to me on the post I read on your blog that you are the self ordained minister type that likes to tell other people how they should lives while you live yours exactly like you want to. Your post here confirms my suspension. You say this is a free country (Almost), but the government says different. You follow in their footsteps by trying to tell me what to post on my own blog and that doesn't cut it with me. You have your own blog and you say what you want to there even if it is dictating to other people how they should live their lives. And then... And then... You try to scold me for speaking my mind here.

    With that said do both of us a favor and preach on your own blog and NOT on mine.

  6. LOL, I think you kind of missed the point of my comment. I'm sorry you feel that way. Maybe I should have just asked for plain old clarification as to what "big TR supporter" actually means . . . oh wait, I did ask that. That, neighbor, is not scolding. Your removing my link is unfortunate, but not painful. I'm sorry you feel the way you do about what I have to say. I don't make people do anything, like you, people are free to ignore me. I don't agree with everything you say, but I'll defend your right to say it. And when I can I try to be supportive. My statements at the end of my comment were not directed at you (unless you have a guilty conscience in the matter). It was just a general request that I apparently did not convey very well. I am sorry. I will leave your blog now with no hard feelings. Peace be with you tffnguy.

  7. Tffnguy

    Too bad you gotta deal with politics. Life is too short. I like the GS and the odd ball mix of people there (I think I would fit in) I hope to see it reopen.

    I know there are some TR elitist out there. If they are so inclined to complain about the GS and about what people talk about, why dont they do something construtive with TR.

    The Libritarian in me says, I got my land, who cares what the other guy says and does with his land. Just dont tread on my land (or me) and we all can get along.

  8. Perhaps Jerry and Eva should "expand" and stock the basics of what you guys need. And maybe JW could bake solar bread that J&E could sell for him.

    Everyone pulling together will make life easier for all concerned - no?

  9. Dani, I think that was suggested at one time and they didn't want any part of it. I'd imagine when they finally open again they will be even more that way. Just another reason for someone to screw with them.

    I've made the same suggestion for the legion because I think it might keep it afloat, but it was rejected. Problem is I think for it to survive something is going to have to be added.


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