Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ever had someone assume that they knew better than you where something of yours belonged? Did they? Reason I asked is last Sunday when Frann, Denese and the other neighbor came over here from the Grub Shack and while I wasn't watching someone moved a chain I had laying on the ground. I assume who ever done it assumed that is wasn't supposed to be there so they took it upon themselves to put it where they assumed it should be.
The picture above shows the imprint of where the chain had been laying before it was moved and the red drawing shows how the chain was laying before it was moved. Now the chain wasn't laying in that position just because I chunked it down there like it was laying. It was a marker so I'd know when to stop the falcon when I drove up on the carped driveway without running off the end of it. No harm done because I can always move it back. I mean the imprint is still there.
The picture above shows where it wound up. Note the rim (which I plan to make a wind generator out of). Well it was laying down on top of that box to keep those plastic bowels and other stuff from blowing out and away. Which ever culprit did it had to have dropped the chain on the rim and then stood the rim up against the water tank. I guess they also assumed that a bicycle rim should be standing up and not laying down???

Ever had someone use your computer and assume that you must not know anything about computers or the desktop would look exactly like theirs? So... they change it to look exactly like theirs all the time thinking you would be so glad they did it for you. Kids and young adults are real bad about that and even some older folks are to.

What is it about human nature that makes people assume even though their assumptions are often very wrong?

BTW Yes I have assumed the wrong things many times in my life to.


  1. With no one living there except you, it ought to be pretty easy to track down the culprit. Hope nothing was damaged due to the moving of the chain and wheel.

  2. No nothing damaged and no big deal Allen, I just felt like blogging about something so that was it. I'm sure I've been guilty of assuming the wrong things many times myself. I think its just human nature? It is puzzling why people do it though. I guess just the difference in the way different brains work.

  3. Ghosts like to rattle chains. Maybe you got a ghost.

  4. runaway slaves might have moved it because they didnt like it out to remind them of a painful experience. just a guess

  5. Awww hell I moved it...couldn't stand seeing a good chain laying in the dirt. It was placed gently on the rim. If I give you a cinder block to use as a marker can I have the chain?

  6. Awful having people assume stuff ... I luckily don't get much traffic here so I can generally find things where I used them last.

    I'm [I smiles] deeply interested in the way you plan to make a wind generator out of the bicycle rim. I hope you'll share some of your plans for it. I picked up several similar ones being thrown away and figured on using them to build a Bidini Monopole Generator, several if it worked out, but hadn't considered using one or several as wind generators.

    Cool idea and I'd like to know more about what you have running around in your noggin about it.

    Thanks amigo

  7. Frann, NO I like the chain for a marker and you can't hurt a chain so its just as good there as it is wrapped around that rim like a snake.

    Sofar, if I ever get around to making the wind genny I'll do a blog on it to show how its done and how it works.

  8. Thanks. I'll look forward to it. Meanwhile you've started my head swimming with possibilities. I might have to start fooling around with it a bit my ownself.


  9. Sofar, you can do a google search on bicycle wheel windmill to get a basic idea of how to make the windmill part. I'll use rare earth magnets placed on the inter part of the spokes and make a coil with 36 wraps of small motor winding wire. A diode will be used to keep the + to the battery + and - to the battery -. That should put out about 18 volts as the magnets spin past it. Just right for charging a 12 volt battery. I like to make stuff like this with the wheel laying down (sort of an S-Rotor Type) because it doesn't have to always be facing in to the wind and you don't have to mess with a tail boom and brushes to get the power to the wires. I used to build all sorts of crap back in Plano like that and used large funnels for the s-rotor part. I built a wind chime that soulded like a Harley doing that with PVC for the pipes and a check valve for the popper. It sound like a Harley engine idling in low wind and revving up as the wind picked up. My neighbors didn't like it at all though because they didn't like listening to a Harley 24 hours a day. Anyway it wouldn't be hard to use the same principle for a wind generator.

  10. Thanks amigo. I'll likely be chasing it if things appear I'll be located here for a while. Got various dust needs settling involving some uncertainties about the situation so my main priority at the moment is pouring some piers and laying some beams for an escape route if things go sour. If they don't I need to be building a windmill out of a bicycle wheel, and a Bidini Monopole out of another one.


  11. I have seen many chains rusted into un-usability! Was just taught from childhood to take care of my tools.

  12. Frann, to each their own. That chain is already an antique and has been laying here and there for like forever. It isn't about to disintegrate any century soon. I may come up with a way for you to get it though or one about like it.


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